Altera is a professional and flexible organization, which allows us act quickly on any opportunities and developments in the market, and make well-informed decisions on matters.

The organization’s core activities include fund management, portfolio management and asset management as well as the necessary ‘checks and balances’ within the organization and its processes. The organization has access to all the areas of expertise it needs in order to function completely independently. A high degree of efficiency is achieved through the use of proven systems and processes.

At present, the company consists of 53 professional and motivated colleagues with special expertise and a wealth of experience in real estate.


The managing board consists of:

Jaap van der Bijl (CEO) | contact
Investor Relations, Legal Affairs, HR, Secretariat, Research & Strategy, Acquisition

Erwin Wessels (CIO/COO) | contact
Portfolio Management Residential – Retail, Disposition, Technical Project Management and ESG Project Management

Cyril van den Hoogen (CFO) | contact
Finance, Control, Risk Management, Administration, Compliance and Digital Management

From left to right: Heino Vink, Roelie van Wijk-Russchen, Maria Molenaar, Jaap van der Bijl (CEO), Erwin Wessels (CIO), Cyril van den Hoogen (CFO)

Supervisory Board

As an N.V. (Dutch Public Liability Company), the legal structure of Altera is enshrined in the Dutch Civil Code. This also applies to the Supervisory boards, which is tasked with supervising operations and company management on behalf of shareholders.

The members of the Supervisory board are selected and operate independently, and play a role in the decision-making process for major acquisitions and dispositions (involving more than 10% of the sector fund assets and more than € 25 million).

The chairman of the Supervisory Board acts as chairman of the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Maria Molenaar, chairman

Heino Vink

Roelie van Wijk-Russchen

Policies and regulations

Tasks performed by Altera

Our main activities include:

  • Investor Relations;
  • Research & Strategy;
  • Portfolio Management;
  • Real estate acquisition and disposition;
  • Legal Affairs – Governance – Compliance;
  • Control – Risk Management;
  • Financial administration and IT;
  • Secretarial support

Tasks performed by third parties on behalf of Altera

Property Management
The daily management of the assets is carried out by specialized external real estate managers. This allows us to focus on adding value by means of portfolio and asset management. We also maintain contact with the tenants in question on a regular basis, for commercial activities on the one hand, and so that we can respond to their needs and wishes on the other hand.  The external real estate managers are directed by Portfolio Management.

All assets are subjected to quarterly appraisals by external appraisers. We only make use of professional, certified parties and ensure that assets are rotated amongst the appointed appraisers every 3 years. The appraisal process is directed by the financial branch, headed by the CFO, where a deliberate distinction has been made between the various disciplines involved.

Other external professional parties perform specific tasks in consultation with us and on behalf of us, such as acquisitions, dispositions, rental activities and customer satisfaction surveys.