Investing in Industrial real estate

Our definition of industrial properties includes all buildings and workspaces where companies and people work on creating and developing products and services. These companies are often SMEs with advanced levels of expertise.

This is an interesting and booming sector, and more people in the Netherlands are currently working in modern workspaces than in more standard and established set-ups. Due to increasingly rapid transformations in city centres, employment opportunities in these areas are becoming limited.

Many buildings are being converted into residences, resulting in increasing shortages and more traffic.

Inner city industrial space is becoming increasingly scarce

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At Altera, we see plenty of opportunities for industrial spaces in urban areas. We have a number of specific sectors in mind:

  • Urban Manufacturing
  • Urban Logistics
  • Urban Transformation
  • Urban Research
  • Urban Food & Farming


  • Structure of portfolio aimed at multi-tenant, multi-use;
  • Focus on urban areas with excellent access for traffic;
  • Focus on sustainable quality and environment maintenance;
  • Focused on readily marketable assets from an investment and letting perspective;
  • Focus on promising sectors (with above-average demand development of users);
  • Spread of the rental maturity schedule;
  • Focus on sustainability & ESG


Our projects

Multi-tenant business building at Maroastraat, Amsterdam

This 16,000-square-metre complex has 42 units and is conveniently located on the edge of Amsterdam with excellent access by car. Trends show that this type of real estate will become more important in urban economies. This is illustrated through the type of work that takes place in urban areas and increasing demand from the market. We expect to see no more vacancies by mid-2018. Progress has been made on plans to increase sustainability through solar panels and this work is at an advanced stage.
This project is in the SADC region

Bleiswijk multi-tenant business building at Spectrumlaan

This modern, multi-tenant building has a surface of over 18,000 square metres and contains 72 rentable units on the edge of Zoetermeer, near the A12 motorway.
Bleiswijk/Zoetermeer business park

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