Investing in residential properties solid returns

Rental homes in the mid-price range are currently in demand. These properties play a key role in the Dutch housing market. Affordable and sustainable homes in the right location are essential to a thriving housing market.

Altera’s mission is to contribute in significant and meaningful ways to ensuring the availability of these types of homes. We look beyond the financial aspects and believe that great real estate investments are made with tenants, investors and society in mind.

Altera Vastgoed continues sustainability drive in Udenhout

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Completion of Robijnhof psychogeriatric care complex in Leiden

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Vision and policy

There are currently a number of structural demographic developments, such as population ageing, urbanization and the increase in single and two-person households. This offers opportunities for growth of the rental market. The current stock of outdated, regulated rental homes is insufficient and demand far exceeds supply. In the coming years, the need for rental homes in the private sector will therefore strongly increase, in particular the demand for apartments. A suitable target group policy takes demographics into account, including residential products that are suitable for target groups and living environments. The increase in demand will be most pronounced in the Randstad provinces and peripheral areas such as Gelderland and Noord-Brabant.

Dutch residential sector in a European perspective

Commissioned by eight large institutional fund managers of Dutch residential property and in collaboration with the Association of Institutional Property Investors in the Netherlands (IVBN) and independent research company Finance Ideas this report analyses the overall performance characteristics of Dutch residential investments in European perspective. The result is the informative report accessible via the link below.

Our projects

Nautical NDSM (B10) project

Project NDSM B.10 includes 157 apartments that meet the conditions arising from the "Action Plan More Medium Rent" of the Municipality of Amsterdam. The aim of this scheme is to realize affordable rental housing for the group of tenants who are not entitled to social housing or have a household income on the basis of which more expensive free sector housing is not feasible. For Altera 24 high-end private sector homes, 965 m² of commercial space and 90 parking spaces will also be realised. The combined 181 rental properties will range in size from 42 to 125 sq. m. The project has a low EPC and will be equipped with PV panels and a heat and cold storage and heat pump installation. The project is expected to be completed in 2023. The project is an excellent example of successful inner-city redevelopment. One where tenants can enjoy the tranquillity of the enclosed courtyard in the middle of the bustling urban environment.
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't Groene Wold in Almere (Amsterdam region)

The development project, known as ’t Groene Wold, consists of eight courtyards with a total of 372 single-family houses. Altera acquired 174 houses spread across three sub-sectors of the project. The residential blocks include corner and terraced houses between 80 and 104 sq. m. Each house has a spacious back garden of between 12 and 17 metres, complete with a shed. Residents can park on-street in the courtyard complex. The corner houses have on-drive parking for two cars.
t Groene Wold project website (Dutch)

De Zaanse Helden

Project Zaanse Helden concerns a total of 356 apartments spread across five buildings, 310 parking spaces and bicycle storage facilities. The apartments are between 52 and 108 sq. m., have one or two bedrooms and feature either a spacious terrace or a balcony. The project is fitted with solar panels, a thermal energy storage facility, heat exchanger and a low EPC.
De Zaanse Helden project website (Dutch)

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