Altera gives the go-ahead for construction of 148 apartments in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht

Real estate investor Altera gives the go-ahead to VABO Ontwikkeling for the construction of three apartment complexes in the heart of Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht. Part of the rental homes will be realized under the conditions of the Action Plan “Middenhuur” of the municipality of Utrecht.

The first building contains 47 apartments and 38 parking spaces. In addition, a total of approximately 272 m² of commercial space is available on the ground floor. The second building consists of 54 apartments and 39 parking spaces. There is approximately 388 m² of commercial space available on the ground floor. The third building contains 47 apartments and 35 parking spaces with 173 m² of commercial space on the ground floor. All three buildings will have a collective bicycle shed on the ground floor. There will be 51 mid-rental (Middenhuur) apartments spread over the three buildings.

 Jaap van der Bijl, CEO Altera: “In line with our investment strategy, all apartments are realised gas-free and with a higher than legally prescribed EPC. By installing more than 820 solar panels, the buildings generate 220,000 kwh of electricity per year and contribute to the further sustainability of urban buildings. By realising a significant proportion of the apartments – more than a third – in the middle-rental segment, we are fulfilling the agreements made with the municipality of Utrecht.


The apartment complexes will be built in the heart of Leidsche Rijn. The inner city of Utrecht is just five minutes by train, while the district is very green and varied. Fruit orchards and ditches will be interspersed with old farmhouses, existing ribbon houses and 19th century style mansions. In combination with all the developments on Leidsche Rijn, the Het Zand district will become a multifunctional, urban residential area with good facilities in terms of shopping, recreation, education and small-scale business activity.


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