Altera launches iwell collaboration with two Cube battery systems

Today real estate investor Altera installed two iwell Cube battery systems in its apartment complex on Molenstraat in Apeldoorn. These are the first in a series of Cube battery systems to be brought into operation, with other locations including Hilversum and Amersfoort to come.

Altera is hard at work improving the sustainability of its real estate portfolio, in close collaboration with its strategic partners. The partnership with iwell offers Altera the opportunity to upgrade its apartment complexes with one of the most promising smart energy systems of the future.

The combination of solar panels with multiple Cube batteries is designed to strike a new balance in energy consumption and generation, providing access to solar power even when the sun refuses to shine. Cube is a smart battery that stores clean energy and feeds it back into the network at peak times, when demand for energy is at its highest. Elevator use, electric cooking and charging electric vehicles are just a few examples of activities that put a simultaneous drain on our power supply. Reducing this peak load opens up the possibility of a more economical mains connection.

Renewable energy: right place, right time, right level

By using the Cube batteries, the right level of renewable energy can be delivered to the right location at the right time. Determining the right level is important, because it means we will no longer have to calibrate our energy network to accommodate those peak moments. This applies to buildings, but also to neighbourhoods and even on a national and European scale.

As Erwin Wessels, CIO of Altera points out, “This collaboration with iwell not only makes our own real estate more future-proof but also ensures a good return on our investments, thereby helping to make society more sustainable in a broader sense.”

Vincent Ruijter, iwell’s Managing Director, is also looking to the future: “Our collaboration doesn’t end here. Together with Altera, we are looking at ways to connect more sources to the energy community system, including charging points. The more generating capacity and consumers we add, the more flexible things become and the greater the financial and social value we can create.”

First Cube in Apeldoorn by Pim Constandse (head of engineering Altera Vastgoed) and Vincent Ruijter (managing director iwell)

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