Altera partners up with

Real estate investor Altera has decided to join forces with This online platform gives consumers the opportunity to purchase a gift token from their favourite shop, local or otherwise – thereby generating instant revenue for the shop owner. The gift token will not expire, meaning consumers can use it whenever they want.

Business owners whose shops are in one of the Altera shopping centres are welcome to register with the platform so that consumers can purchase a gift card from their shop. By teaming up with, Altera hopes to lend a helping hand in generating revenue for retailers in these difficult times. was started by five business owners, who all work in the retail sector and have decided to set up this platform as a non-profit organization. The platform was set up with the financial support of various partners, including Altera. FanWork Events is currently responsible for its organization.

Altera and several other investors have decided to make a contribution to a guaranteed fund to ensure business continuity for the consumer. is a spin-off of the initiative. Both platforms were set up in collaboration with Gifty. The initiative has proven to be a huge success so far, as it has generated €1,000,000 in gift tokens in just two weeks.


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