Altera residential and retail funds top Dutch sustainability ranking and residential fund is Global Sector Leader for 3rd year running

Altera Vastgoed (hereinafter: Altera) continues to lead the way in sustainability: Altera Residential has been named the world’s most sustainable residential fund for the third year running, making it the GRESB Real Estate Global Sector Leader. The Altera Retail fund, focused on food & convenience, is No. 1 in the Netherlands and runner up in the international rankings. Both Altera funds have retained their five-star rating.

Altera’s CEO, Jaap van der Bijl explains the significance of the results: “In close collaboration with our strategic partners, we are hard at work every day to make our real estate more sustainable and future-proof. By participating in the GRESB benchmark, we provide transparency and insight into the impact this has on our real estate portfolios. The benchmark also gives us the understanding and the tools to stay on target for our Paris Proof goals. Our focus is both on sustainable buildings and on creating value for all our stakeholders: our investors, our tenants and society as a whole.”

Rudy Verstappen, ESG Research Manager, states: “These long-term results show that we are making a valuable contribution to creating a more sustainable society. We work with our tenants in an ongoing effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by lowering energy consumption, as well as limiting water consumption and waste. In addition, we are working to optimise the necessary ESG data streams.”

The GRESB scores

The GRESB benchmark is an independent and leading metric. GRESB studies worldwide ESG factors of property and infrastructure. The recently published GRESB benchmark is based on data received from over 1,820 property investors worldwide (representing a total of €7,000 billion AUM).

Altera has been participating in the GRESB benchmark since 2012. The Altera funds have achieved excellent scores once again. The residential fund scored 94 out of 100 points, and the retail fund scored 95 out of 100 points.

The GRESB benchmark can be divided into two categories: management and performance. In management, like last year, Altera achieved the maximum score. Across the board, performance has improved thanks to targeted measures to make buildings more sustainable and to optimise data collection.


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