Publication of survey results: Ageing of the population offers potential for turnover of community shopping centres

Real estate investor Altera Vastgoed NV (hereinafter: Altera), in collaboration with research agency Strabo, published the results of a survey on its website. It relates to the spending behaviour of over 65s in community shopping centres in the Netherlands.

Ageing of the population offers community shopping centres potential for turnover growth. This emerges from research conducted by Altera and Strabo into the spending behaviour of over 65s in such centres. For that purpose, the spending behaviour has been adjusted to reflect the size of the household. After all, it is natural for someone to spend more when doing shopping for a large family than for a household of one or two persons.

The research shows that in the 35-44 age category and above the older the consumer is, the higher the spending in the community shopping centre per person in the household. Age also plays a part in choosing what amount to spend at what shop. Supermarkets benefit from higher spending by over 65s, but it is even clearer that the older the consumer, the more is spent in fresh food stores. On the other hand, age has a slightly negative effect on spending at drug stores and perfumeries. With the exception of over 75s, who actually spend more than the average there.


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