Second phase of Robijnhof residential and care complex in Leiden completed

Real estate investor Altera Vastgoed NV (hereafter: Altera) took delivery of the second-phase residentials of the Robijnhof project on Robijnstraat in Leiden, completed by construction company M.J. de Nijs & Zonen and welcomed the first residents this week.

The Robijnhof project is being delivered in three phases. After the completion of the first phase and the delivery of a first block of 44 apartments in November 2021, the second block was completed this week. It comprises 75 apartments, the entire underground car park, the shared bicycle and mobility scooter parking facility and the day care room.

The apartments are connected to the district heating network, and solar panels fitted on the buildings’ roofs will serve the central facilities. The day care room will be used as a common area for day care activities hosted by Libertas Leiden.

Altera CIO Erwin Wessels: “With the completion of the second and third residential buildings and the day care facility, over two thirds of the Robijnhof project is now completed. With all their extra amenities, the apartments are suitable for elderly people with mild extramural care needs. Due to the Netherlands’ ageing population, there is a great demand for lifetime-adaptable housing that can allow the provision of light care. Robijnhof meets this need and is also a great fit in our residential portfolio, which is focused on affordability for all target groups. We are looking forward to the final phase of construction and the delivery of the last part of the project.”

The project will be fully completed in 2023, and the final phase will see the delivery of the intramural care complex with 40 psychogeriatric units.

The Robijnhof project

The Robijnhof project involves the demolition of a former care home and its replacement with new residential units and care services, in partnership with care provider Libertas Leiden. The project as a whole involves the realisation of 119 lifetime-adaptable rental properties (24 of which are social sector housing), a day care centre for clients of Libertas Leiden, 79 underground parking spaces and three shared parking facilities for mobility scooters and bicycles. An intramural care complex with 40 psychogeriatric units will also be created to the specifications of Libertas Leiden, which will rent the complex for an extended period. During the second phase, 15 ground-level homes were constructed for private sale.

The project’s residential units will be rented out by MVGM Verhuur and Van ’t Hof Rijnland will handle property management on behalf of Altera.

Robijnhof phase two

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