Start of construction of 200 mid-market rental homes, Beneluxlaan in Utrecht

On 9 May, Alderman Eelco Eerenberg, real estate investor Altera Vastgoed (hereinafter: “Altera”) and Wessels Rijssen (part of VolkerWessels), gave the green light for the start of construction of the apartment complex in Beneluxlaan in Utrecht. The building is being developed by Beneluxlaan Utrecht CV and will contain 78 three-bedroom apartments and 122 two-bedroom apartments. The building will also house around 600 m² of commercial space and there is room for shared cars. The entire complex is expected to be completed in 2025. More information can be found on

Nature-inclusive newbuild

The project, which has an A+++ energy label, contributes to the sustainability goals of the city and of Altera. To reduce heat stress and waterlogging, a green retention roof ensures water buffering and promotes biodiversity in the city.

Alderman Eelco Eerenberg: “There is a great need for housing in the city and the construction of Beneluxlaan will bring affordable housing back to Utrecht. The complex will include 200 rental apartments in the medium-rent segment. This will again allow many Utrechters to live comfortably and these homes will also ensure a flow in the housing market.”

David van der Hulst, director of VolkerWessels Bouw en Vastgoed N.O.: “We are proud to be starting the construction of 200 homes in the mid-market rental segment in Utrecht through an intensive collaboration between the City of Utrecht, Beneluxlaan Utrecht C.V., Altera and Wessels Rijssen. By working shoulder to shoulder we have been able to speed up the process so that, with this project, we can respond to the urgent need for housing in a relatively short period of time.”

Jaap van der Bijl, CEO of Altera: “We are delighted to be celebrating the start of construction of affordable rental homes in Beneluxlaan in Utrecht. A project in which we can help to satisfy the huge demand for affordable and sustainable housing in the city. It fits in with Altera’s mission: Good for you, Good for others”

Photo: From left to right; Jaap van der Bijl, Eelco Eerenberg, David van der Hulst

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