Verhage expanding in Bieshof convenience centre in Dordrecht

Altera Vastgoed, hereafter Altera, is expanding the pavilion leased by Verhage at Van Eesterenplein in the Bieshof convenience centre in Dordrecht.

To boost the hospitality sector in Bieshof, Altera and Verhage explored the possibilities of expanding and renewing the existing pavilion in accordance with Verhage’s latest concept. The restaurant will be expanded to 232 m² and the lease has been extended for a long-term period. Construction has already started and is expected to be completed by December 2021.

Altera CIO Erwin Wessels: “This expansion reflects a great deal of confidence in the future on the part of the entrepreneur, which we fully endorse. A complete daily offer in food and non-food as well as catering and services will make Bieshof future-proof and we are looking to further boost and optimise the centre.”

About Bieshof

Bieshof is the place to go to for the Stadspolders district’s daily shopping. It is a solid convenience centre of approximately 9,420 m² gross floor area / 33 shops, covering a complete daily range of food & convenience and a good ratio of local entrepreneurs and chain stores, such as Albert Heijn, Plus and Kruidvat.

Photo: Verhage Bieshof convenience centre in Dordrecht
Photo: Verhage Bieshof convenience centre in Dordrecht

About Verhage

Verhage is a chain consisting of 42 branches. It started over 50 years ago as a cafeteria in Rotterdam-Zuid, and has since become a full-fledged quick-service restaurant for all mealtimes throughout the day.

“We want to profile our brand more prominently as an all-round restaurant, so that people of all ages can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, take-away and delivery, and will continue to do so,” says Wesley Fok, Director Verhage Horeca Groep. “With the renovation of the Verhage branch in Dordrecht we are taking another step in the right direction. We are proud to be able to carry out such projects with developers and lessors.”

Earlier this year, Altera and the municipality improved the public area of the shopping centre and made it more sustainable by adding extra greenery and a children’s playground, among other things.


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