Altera launches Smart Water-Saving Hydraloop pilot programme

Real estate investor Altera has just added the first Hydraloop to its residential portfolio. The launch of this pilot marks the start of a new phase in uncovering the extra measures that can be taken to reduce tap water consumption further.

The Hydraloop recycles shower and bath water so that it can be reused for other appliances, such as the toilet and washing machine. This means up to 85% of tap water can be recycled and reused in a home. The water is purified for reuse through various biological processes and UV disinfection. The system produces high-quality, purified water that is compliant with all the relevant certification standards, making it ideal for water recycling in the home. In fact, the start of this year saw the Hydraloop win the ‘Best of the Best’ award at the Consumer Electronics Show – an annual technology trade show held in Las Vegas.

Erwin Wessels, CIO of Altera, explains: “Altera manages a huge residential portfolio, which is why we want to continue incorporating climate change adaptation methods. This strategy is in line with our investment policy. As a result of climate change, certain areas in the Netherlands may be facing water scarcity in the not too distant future. We have already been using water-saving shower heads and taps for quite a while in our properties. We have launched this pilot in some of our homes to see whether whether we can reduce tap water consumption further by recycling drinking water”.


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