Real estate for the long term

Altera offers institutional investors access to core investment properties in the residential and retail property sectors.

About us

Real estate for the long term

Altera is considered a core fund: we opt for the lowest possible risk profile, by basing our real estate selection on explicit portfolio structures in selected real estate markets, by avoiding the use of external funding (leverage) and by excluding project development risks.

Our investments

Altera offers institutional investors access to core real estate investments in the residential and retail property sectors. The portfolios include only high-quality and sustainable real estate with stable expected returns. Altera manages more than €2.3 billion, does not use borrowed capital and has a low cost level.
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10.9% 2018 Industrial total return
15.6% 2018 Residential total return


Rental homes in the mid-price range are currently in demand. These properties play a key role in the Dutch housing market. Affordable and sustainable homes in the right location are essential to a thriving housing market. Altera’s mission is to contribute in significant and meaningful ways to ensuring the availability of these types of homes.

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Our definition of industrial properties includes all buildings and workspaces where companies and people work on creating and developing products and services. These companies are often SMEs with advanced levels of expertise.

This is an interesting and booming sector, and more people in the Netherlands are currently working in modern workspaces than in more standard and established set-ups.

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Retail can play an important role in society, especially when they are located in residential areas. Neighbourhood shopping centres and supermarkets are great for everyday grocery shopping but they also serve a clear social purpose. Good retail investments meet current demands and boost local quality of life in neighbourhoods. Reason for Altera to focus on finding the right place for the right retail format.

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6.7% 2018 Retail total return

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