Quality investments straightforward results.

Altera manages two Dutch property portfolios. Institutional and professional investors invest in high-quality residential or retail properties. Altera’s clear and appealing product that strikes the perfect balance between financial performance and social impact lets us stand out from the crowd, particularly due to our competitive cost level.

Sector portfolios

Our main point of focus is the core profile and generating solid and predictable returns. The following characteristics also apply:

  • unlisted, semi-open ended funds with an indefinite term
  • high-quality real estate tailored to the needs and wishes of tenants
  • core risk profile, no leverage and no property development risks
  • low management costs (35 – 37 basis points, low TER and REER)
  • leading performance in the field of sustainability & ESG

Accession and withdrawal can take place per quarter against Net Asset Value (NAV). The NAV is determined every quarter based on external valuations that are performed four times per year for the entire portfolio.

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