Altera Vastgoed teams up with BAM Wonen to boost sustainability of 1980s homes

Altera Vastgoed has selected BAM Wonen to give part of its 1980s residential property portfolio a sustainability upgrade. Making these properties more sustainable is in line with Altera’s ambitions to make its portfolio Paris Proof by 2040 at the latest. BAM Wonen is bringing its own innovative approach to the project, finding smart and efficient ways to reduce gas and electricity consumption for the residents.

For three years running, Altera’s residential fund has been GRESB Real Estate Global Sector Leader. It concerns an international property benchmark that applies environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria to a company’s activities and their potential impact on society or the environment. Altera’s sustainability strategy takes an integrated ESG approach. With this in mind, BAM Wonen is applying measures that have the greatest direct climate impact, such as maximum CO2 reduction.

Erwin Wessels, CIO of Altera: “Making our residential portfolio more sustainable is part of a wider sustainability strategy, geared towards achieving an integrated ESG approach. We want to keep improving; this collaboration is yet another demonstration of how we are rolling out the approach. This does not only serve the interests of our tenants, but also of the shareholders for whom we invest and of society as a whole. We are aware of our great responsibility when it comes to creating healthy environments that enhance people’s quality of life.”

“We are delighted to deploy our own integrated approach to fulfil Altera’s ambition of accelerating the sustainability of its property portfolio,” says Henry Jongerden, deputy director of Renovation Concepts at BAM Wonen.

The first project in this chain cooperation comprises 31 rental units on Evert van Dijkpad and Parmentierpad in Sassenheim. Upgrading the insulation and ventilation will reduce gas consumption by 17,330 m3 per year and annual CO2 emissions by 31,000 kilograms. For residents, this will provide a combination of greater living comfort and lower energy consumption. They have therefore agreed to the renovation project.

Renovation work

Energy efficiency will be achieved through roof and ground insulation, existing windows will be replaced with triple glazing, and the units will be fitted with a new balanced ventilation system with heat recovery (heat exchanger system). Scheduled maintenance has been brought forward to coincide with the renovation work.

BAM Wonen has used drones and smartphones to scan the units with a view to ensuring the smooth running of the project. The resulting scans provide 3D models that speed up both the preparation and realisation phases. For example, the effects of a new pipeline route are already clear during project planning. As the work progresses, scans and 3D models can alert the renovation team to any discrepancies at the unit level, making realisation smoother. Work will start in October 2023 and completion is scheduled for early 2024.


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