Celebration Reaching of the Highest Point at De Vroon

Last week the highest point was reached on the construction of De Vroon project. This was accompanied by a celebration in the form of a small gathering organized by Van Wijnen. De Vroon comprises 36 apartments, 33 parking spaces and approximately 235 m² of collective spaces in which a unique residential concept is propagated. De Vroon is located on the edge of the new Vroondaal district in the southwest of The Hague.

Fit and vitality concept                                                                                               

De Vroon has an innovative residential concept with care and services close by, making it possible for residents to age in a fit and vital way. The Fit and Vitality concept is partly the result of the initiative of Centrum Groepswonen, Bergunlimited, Stadkwadraat and Vanschagen Architects. They have developed the Fit and Vitality concept and have entered into a collaboration with Van Wijnen and Altera for the further real estate development and construction.

The apartments of De Vroon, range in size from 63 to 123 m² and overlook the communal patio garden that covers the parking level. With an Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) of ≤ 0.0, the gasless project meets high sustainability requirements.

Erwin Wessels, CIO Altera: :”The strong location, the sustainability aspects and the unique Fit and Vitality concept of the project fit well in our residential portfolio. The new residents are being built to meet the current and future housing needs of the 55+ target group.

About Van Wijnen

Van Wijnen (2,500 professionals, 25 locations) initiates, develops, realizes and manages real estate in the domains of living, caring, learning, working and recreation. Van Wijnen is committed to build affordable housing for the whole of the Netherlands. For vibrant neighbourhoods where everyone feels at home. And for a sustainable construction process with an eye for future generations.

MVGM provides leasing on behalf of Altera Vastgoed. Van ‘t Hof Rijnland provides the property management on behalf of Altera Vastgoed.


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