Zig Real Estate and Altera join forces: increased efficiency and satisfaction

Altera Vastgoed (hereinafter: Altera), along with its real estate managers VB&T, Schep and Rebo, is entering into a partnership with Zig Real Estate.

The first day of Provada came to a festive close with Altera and Zig Real Estate putting their signatures to an innovative partnership. On 13 June, during Provada in Amsterdam, the two companies signed a partnership agreement that promises to raise the efficiency of real estate management to a new level.

Altera will make use of Zig’s advanced Real Estate Platform. This platform links owners, managers and residents, provides automated processes and contributes to customer satisfaction.

Insight, optimal customer processes and satisfied tenants
With the advanced functions of the platform, real estate managers can concentrate on what really matters. It offers investors better insight into their portfolio, enables real estate managers to deal efficiently with customers’ queries and gives them a 360-degree customer view, and it also allows tenants to benefit from an optimal service via proactive provision of information. For instance, residents are kept informed of the progress of a repair or maintenance request and get updates on planned appointments and other important news.

Niels van Wonderen, Head of Asset Management Residential Altera: ‘We are excited to take this next step for our tenants as part of our tenant satisfaction programme. By partnering with Zig Real Estate we can ensure optimal service by means of proactive provision of information, which we expect to result in a further improvement in overall customer satisfaction.’

A driver of growth and innovation
The Real Estate Platform is more than just a tool to increase efficiency; it is a driver of growth and innovation. Using the platform, Altera Vastgoed aims to create an optimised and automated real estate organisation in which efficiency and job satisfaction go hand in hand. In practice, less time will be spent on paperwork thanks to optimised processes, there will be greater insight and it will be possible to optimise the service to tenants thanks to the innovative and personalised app that enables proactive communication.

Ron Seesing, CCO of Zig Real Estate: ‘The platform goes beyond mere efficiency and aims to help tenants enjoy their home to the fullest extent. Via the app residents will be able to arrange all the matters relating to their home and in the future to get in contact with fellow residents via the community.’

Zig Real Estate and Altera share a vision for the future of real estate management that focuses on efficiency, innovation and customer satisfaction. This partnership is a significant step in that direction.

From left to right: Jean-Paul Rouwette of vb&t, Ron Seesing of Zig Real Estate, Niels van Wonderen of Altera, Bert van Lunteren of Schep vastgoedmanagement

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