Altera Vastgoed chooses Proprli to manage entire Retail Portfolio, Embracing Digital Transformation

Real estate investor Altera Vastgoed (hereafter “Altera) and Proprli have signed an agreement under which Altera will use the Propril platform.  Digital collaboration with stakeholders such as property managers is key for Altera who expects further growth in the coming years.

A Perfect Match for Altera’s Digital Strategy

Altera is dedicated to digitizing their asset management organization. As part of this digital strategy, Altera hires data analysts and digitizes numerous processes, including their real estate portfolio management. Proprli fits perfectly into this vision, providing a seamless platform for collaboration between owners and property managers.


Ivo Groenhuizen, Head of Asset Management Retail at Altera

“Continuity of data and processes across all assets within our portfolio is a crucial focal point in our digital strategy,” said Ivo Groenhuizen, Head of Asset Management Retail at Altera Vastgoed. “We want these processes to run through the Proprli platform, where all stakeholders can collaborate, and Altera owns and manages the data of all assets.”

Positive Growth and Strengthening Altera’s Management Platform

In 2022, Altera achieved positive returns, growth in their housing and retail fund, and welcomed new shareholders and tenants. The management platform was strengthened through the further rollout of their digital strategy and the addition of new colleagues, including data-related professionals.

A new milestone for Proprli

“We are excited to work with Altera and support their digital transformation,” said Boudewijn Groot, Co-Founder & CEO at Proprli. “Together, we will bring unparalleled control and visibility to their real estate portfolio, ensuring a bright future for both our organizations. That such powerhouse clients start collaborating with our Proprli platform is again a big milestone for our team and shows we are on the right path.”

Photo from left to right: Boudewijn Groot from Proprli, Oscar Groot from Altera, Ivo Groenhuizen from Altera, Micha Smit from Proprli

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