HEMA expands at Gouweplein in Waddinxveen

Real estate investor Altera Vastgoed NV (hereinafter: Altera) has reached an agreement with HEMA’s Waddinxveen franchise to extend its lease, and to expand the shop. Around 200 m² will be added to the current space, creating a total floor area of 1,500 m². The expansion will be used for a new hospitality concept.

The expansion of the restaurant, on the corner of the shopping centre, will add to the overall appeal of the complex. The expansion and investment in new hospitality also show that HEMA franchisee Marc den Hartog is confident about the future of Gouweplein.

Marc den Hartog: “We are very excited about this opportunity in Waddinxveen. This is a fast-growing municipality, which is reflected in the footfall we see in our shop. We’re seeing more and more customers, also from outside Waddinxveen, and there’s rapid growth on Sundays. Due to the growing popularity of our restaurant, we needed more space. With this expansion, we’re ready for the future – we’ll be able to serve even more Waddinxveen residents, as well as other customers.”

The Gouweplein shopping centre is celebrating its tenth anniversary next year. The complex, which was built on a plot of land formerly owned by football club Be-Fair, has won the hearts of the Waddinxveen community, and it is also popular among residents of surrounding villages. Offering two hours of free parking in the underground car park, diverse shops operated by local and national retailers and attractive architecture, the shopping centre has become a local hotspot. As new homes continue to be built, the population of Waddinxveen is set to keep expanding, which is a positive development for the shopping centre.

Henk de Bas, chair of the Waddinxveen Business Association, said the following about the Gouweplein shopping centre: “Fortunately, our business association is getting more and more signals that new entrepreneurs want to come to Gouweplein. This new expansion of HEMA is another good sign. Significant investments are being made in a beautiful restaurant and in the shop, which shows confidence in Gouweplein.”

Sweco Real Estate Management supports Altera in leasing the property.


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